About Us

Hans Meier Designs is a forward thinking architectural visualization company that takes pride in providing uncompromising quality renderings at affordable prices. We serve the Southeastern Michigan area, helping our clients visualize their construction projects and refine their designs.

Our primary function is to provide a cost-effective alternative to having a 3D design professional on staff at your company. We effectively serve as an on-demand graphics provider that eliminates your need to hire a full-time employee with benefits to fulfill a fluctuating need for design renderings. During this economic downturn many companies such as yours have had to scale back staff that previously provided modeling and design renderings. Utilizing our resources when you need them and not carrying costs when you don’t instantly makes you more flexible and competitive in this uncertain economic climate.

We are a full-service real estate communications company creating powerful and effective sales tools to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s market.

Utilizing our cache of scalable products and services, the Hans Meier design team brings your project to life, utilizing over 9 years experience in the architectural rendering production to provide the quality and responsive service to bring your project into reality.

Proudly serving the architectural and real estate development community we have produced renderings for many of the top buildings in the Ann Arbor area and helped those projects through to completion. Let us help you on your next project!